Thursday, May 19, 2011

My How We've Grown

It only seems like it was two weeks ago because it was. Mother's Day weekend we came back from the PAOBA show in York to greet our new baby chickens, only a few days old. You can check out our "Peep Show" at the link below.

They certainly went from little puff balls to minature chickens in a hurry. We had to split them up because they got big in a hurry. It wasn't long before they decided to start roosting...sitting right on top of their feeder, relieving themselves at will. So down to the barn I went to find materials for roosting bars. 1/2" PVC pipe and a couple of triangle stands was just the ticket.

Jo found out today that they're doing serious flight training already. She took one of wire tops off the container to change their water. Coming back she found one perched on the top looking around. It was about 2 feet off the floor. Note to self...keep the cages on.

Well, it looks like we have about 6 more weeks of brooding before we can transfer them to their chicken condo,made ready by the farmer weeks before they arrived. Stay tuned for more chicken drama...