Friday, October 31, 2008

Fence Project Begins

Two cans of orange marking paint, a chunk of money dropped at Tractor Supply and Green Hills Lumber later, we are ready for John and his helper to begin setting posts. This part of the fence project will be to fence in a larger portion of the backyard. More pasture, less mowing. They will arrive tomorrow to hopefully get all of the posts in the ground and the corner posts set in cement.

Today, we had someone from Maidencreek Appliance come and make us a dryer vent in the laundry room. This house didn't come with a dryer vent. Anyhow, we are now set with that. We also thought we lost the cat this morning. Ever since we have moved here, he has been trying to get out. He is not an outside cat and has no survival skills. I think he'd be a goner in a matter of minutes. After sending me around the block to make sure he hadn't become a casualty, the Farmer called to say he turned up hiding in a closet.

Longing to go outside.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Herd Health @ the Alpaca Cottage

This afternoon was yet another learning experience with our good alpaca friends, Tammy and John Orischak and their daughter, Emily. Here's Tammy getting one of her alpacas on the scale to check weight.
The "girls" awaiting their "Health and Beauty" day, where they get their shots and toenails trimmed.
Here's Tammy and John...Still smiling after putting up with us..."The Fresh Air Kids".
Emily and McGyver...All smiles!

And the Work Begins

Today is one of the first days we've been able to see through the clutter of moving and concentrate on the reality that this is where I'll probably be until my sons take me to the nursing home:)

A quick recap: We closed on this place Aug. 5, put our current house on the market and sold it in one week. Yes, we were one of the lucky ones. We closed on our old place Oct. 20. So now, we can begin planning for our herd and getting things ready.

Here is "The Farmer" getting ready to install the big beautiful hex signs he got me for my birthday. Yes, some gals want jewelry; I want fence and alpacas.

Here is the horse sign meeting its demise after being unscrewed from the side of the barn.

Below are the boys with Hex sign #1. This one is for "Fertility"...The alpacas' "fertility" that is.

Here the Farmer installs Hex Sign #1.

Then, it was on with Hex sign #2. This is for "Prosperity"...which all of us hope for these days!

This afternoon one of our good alpaca friends, Tammy and her husband (and fence installer), John, have invited us to their "herd health" day. That way we can learn some more about taking care of the monthly shots.