Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Girls Go to Summer Camp

Yesterday we took Cassandra and her cria Izzy and Flirtation and her cria Jewel to Hilltop Alpacas for breeding. Kathy Kenworthy once again helped us out by allowing us to hitch a ride in her trailer up north. Here are one of Kathy's girls, Flirtation (big white alpaca), her cria Jewel (little white alpaca), and the top of Izzy's head. Cassandra had already decided to lay down and enjoy the ride.

Hilltop Alpacas also runs a summer camp. It is a huge beautiful place. Here is one of the main camp buildings.

Hilltop has strict health procedures for incoming alpacas. All of the animals had to be vet checked, blood tested, and fecal tested for fitness to stay at their farm. It's good practice for everyone...protects their animals and ours, too!

Here are the girls checking out their new digs. They'll be gone a little over a month, and then we'll go pick them up.