Friday, December 19, 2008

Our New Family

It's been about two weeks since the rest of our herd arrived from New York. This photo was taken on their first morning together. Since then a lot of things have changed. The two young males, Duende (3rd fron the left) and Gabriel (standing with his mother), have been separated from the herd for weaning purposes. The first day or two were really miserable for them (and us). They kept trying every gate...over, around, under or over. They didn't care. I had to close the dutch door in the barn because Gabriel tried climbing over it. But things have gotten a little less tense. They still moan a little bit, but it's not quite so pitiful.

The girls have been busy deciding who's boss. So far it seems that Flirtation (5th from left) has taken the matriarch position, although she's not the oldest. Cassandra (the shy brown one) who is going on 9, is about 3 years older. The barking dogs next door seemed to bring out her "protector" instincts right away. She's been toe to toe right at the fence with the dog, making moves like a cutting horse, staying right in step with the dog. The other girls stand behind her and watch. The dog doesn't know what to think.

The weather has been horrible for the most part ever since they have arrived. Cold, wet, rainy, muddy, mucky, slippery, slimey. When it wasn't quite so cold, everyone just laid out in the weather, getting completely soaked. But when the sun would come back out, they fluffed out again right away. Today it's been snowing, sleeting and freezing rain. Most everyone has stayed close to the barn all day. The boys have ventured out a bit, but the girls have just decided to wait it out.

Right now, we're just hoping for a few dry days so we can enjoy our "Alpaca Lifestyle".